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View Resource Project Honey Pot

Project Honey Pot, created by Unspam, LLC, is "a distributed system for identifying spammers and the spambots they use to scrape addresses from your website." Webmasters can install the free software on their website and begin collecting information on the exact moment that spammers harvest information and the IP address that gathered it. Project Honey Pot also works with law enforcement...
View Resource Spam

Anyone who has an email account knows the annoyance and frustration caused by unwanted junk email messages. Spam also creates substantial Internet traffic, which is more than irritating for systems that have to handle the extra load. For many problems associated with spam, great efforts are being undertaken by industry and government organizations to curb its spread. The basic social and...
View Resource Spamhaus Project

The Spamhaus Project is a non-profit organization in Britain that works "to protect the internet networks worldwide." The project tracks the Internet's Spammers, Spam Gangs and Spam Services and "provides dependable realtime anti-spam protection for Internet networks, and works with Law Enforcement to identify and pursue spammers worldwide." The website also includes a definition of spam and news...