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Imagining the Internet

What's next for the Internet? It's difficult to predict the future of this transformative technology, but the good folks at Elon University's School of Communications have a few thoughtful ideas on the subject. The mission of the project is "to explore and provide insights into emerging network innovations, global development, dynamics, diffusion and governance." The site includes sections like...
Looking back into one magazine's online presence raises questions about the problems involved with creating web archives

Survey Finds That Libraries Are Interested in Collaborating on Online Projects, but Don't Do It Yet Neatline helps Map New World of Digital Humanities...

Those persons who do their own website design will find TextImages most useful. Developed by Stefan Trost, this helpful tool allows users to integrate text written on images into their websites. Visitors can create single text images with this application, along with a wide range of pictures. Visitors also have the ability to precisely adjust the writing, design, format, style, colors, fonts,...

How does your data travel? It's a great question, and one that can be answered via the use of WhatRoute. This application is a network diagnostic utility that allows users to see the geographical route of the paths that packets from your computer take as they traverse the Internet. The results can also be viewed via Google Earth, which is quite a dramatic experience. This version is compatible...