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View Resource All Things Considered: Drug Wars

This sites is the companion to National Public radio's (NPR) 2000 special on All Things Considered.. The NPR site is a bit modest, but it does offer the excellent radio reports from this week's All Things Considered special series.
View Resource Drug Abuse and Addiction Research Report

The Secretary of Health and Human Services's Sixth Triennial Report To Congress On Drug Abuse And Addiction has been placed online. The report provides data on major forms of drug use (including marijuana, cocaine, nicotine, and anabolic steroids), information on links between drug abuse and infectious diseases, and an appendix detailing the types, medical uses, modes of transmission, and "period...
View Resource Drugscope

Drugscope is a leading UK center for drug policy information. The main Drugscope site offers several reports on UK drug use, recent news items, related links, and a keyword-searchable information database that indexes documents held by Drugscope, though the full text is not available online.
View Resource Frontline: Drug Wars

This site is the companion to the outstanding PBS Frontline program which aired in 2000. Simply put, the two-part Frontline film was probably the most balanced and detailed examination of America's war on drugs ever aired on television. In addition, it contained numerous interviews with figures on both sides of the drug war, including people who had never before made themselves available to...
View Resource Globalisation, Drugs, and Criminalisation: Final Research Report on Brazil, China, India, and Mexico

Produced by a team of interdisciplinary researchers and scholars on behalf of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), this massive 409-page report deals primarily with the increasingly global problem of the drug trade and ancillary criminal activity in Brazil, China, India, and Mexico. The first nineteen pages of the report offer a broad overview of the...
View Resource Institute of Behavioral Research at TCU

First organized in 1962 by Dr. Saul B. Sells, the Institute of Behavioral Research (IBR) at Texas Christian University has as its prime directive "to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of programs for reducing drug abuse and related problems." From the site's main page, visitors can learn about the operations of the IBR, read profiles of its staff, and read some of the institute's many...
View Resource Mind Over Matter

This Web site from the National Institute on Drug Abuse focuses on the brain's response to drugs. Students navigate through a series of colorful and informative pages that describe certain regions of the brain and how the chemicals in drugs like marijuana, stimulants, hallucinogens, inhalants, opiates, and steroids can harm them. To aid teachers with the brain anatomy and function, a helpful...