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How Do People Evaluate a Web Site's Credibility?

As the Internet continues to grow, users are increasingly faced with the problem of evaluating the trustworthiness of Web sites. This paper presents the results of two studies conducted to determine how people approach this situation. The researchers "gathered the comments people wrote…about each site's credibility and analyzed these comments to track which features of a Web site were noticed (or...
One Year Later: September 11 and the Internet

Published on September 5, 2002, this report looks at how the September 11 terrorist attacks affected online content and changed the way Americans feel about Internet use. The 65-page document is divided into seven chapters, and its findings are based on research and surveys by the Pew Internet Project. Some of the material describes Americans' views on electronic information protection, such as...
State of the Internet 2000

Recently released, this report from the US Internet Council (USIC) and International Technology & Trade Associates, Inc. (ITTA) offers an "overview of recent Internet trends and examines how the Internet is affecting both business and social relationships around the world." This year's report pays special attention to the increasingly international nature of the Internet and the rapid emergence of...
Student Protests and Virtual Marches

On March 5, the Books Not Bombs rallies motivated students from over 360 high schools and colleges across the United States to walk out of class in protest of a potential war in Iraq. These protests came soon after a "virtual march" organized by the Win Without War Coalition, which attempted to unify willing protesters from across the US using the Internet. An estimate of 400,000 telephone calls,...

For those readers concerned with Internet privacy, Tails will be a welcome innovation. The free, open-source, live operating system can be used from almost any computer. It runs through Tor, an anonymity network of over 6,000 users from around the world, so that readers can surf the web anonymously without sites picking up their IP addresses or other revealing information. The service makes sure...
The Journey Inside

The Web designers at Intel did a tremendous job when designing The Journey Inside, a Web site on computer and Internet-related technologies. Six sections offer interactive lessons, video demonstrations, and interesting stories about fundamental concepts. The first section provides a general introduction to computers. Next is an informative overview of Circuits and Switches, followed by a...
Web Standards Project

Led by the World Wide Web Consortium, the Web Standards Project is an effort to make "technologies for creating and interpreting web-based content." These standards allow many types of languages and object models to be compatible on different browsers and platforms. The project's home page has many resources for users to learn about standards and guidelines. Some of the major topics include HTML,...