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As some of our readers may know, has discontinued more than 300 of its sites, sites that functioned as guides to particular topics, maintained by individuals. This page is designed to help editors relocate their pages and users find the pages that have moved.
Advanced Web Ranking 2.6

Sometimes it may be difficult to get current information about the traffic on a website, and checking all of the major search engines may be time-consuming at times. This application can assist in that process as it checks website positions on all major search engines and also generates customizable tabular, graphical and printable reports. While this version contains all of the features of the...
AltaVista Babelfish Translation

The well-known AltaVista search service has teamed with SYSTRAN Software, Inc. (discussed in the January 24, 1997 Scout report) to offer this web page translation service in the language pairs of English-Spanish, English-French, English-German, English-Portugese, and English-Italian from the main Altavista page. Users can search and then simply hit the translate button, at which time the language...
Ask Jeeves for Kids

Ask Jeeves, the online search engine that lets you enter your search in the form of a question has set up this website just for kids. Kids can ask a question, such as "How do I use a slide rule?" and Jeeves will reply with a listing of websites. A running list gives you a "peek at what kids are asking right now." By clicking on an image map of a pile of books, kids can also go directly for "study...
Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (BASE)

The Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (BASE) is freely accessible and accesses over 70 million documents to help find readers what they're looking for on the web. Simple yet powerful, BASE offers a few possibilities in its Basic Search, Advanced Search, and Browsing options. For instance, typing "Tibetan Buddhism" into Basic Search returns hundreds of documents, digital library exhibits, and...
Bruce Clay, LLC: Search Engine Optimization

Anyone who has ever wondered how online search engines determine the order of appearance of Web sites can learn about the complex process here. Web site ranking is more than a curiosity, however, as it can be very important to companies that depend on online recognition. Therefore, this site is also useful because it contains detailed instructions about how to achieve and maintain a high rank. A...

Copernic 2000 is a Macintosh- or Windows-based Internet searching tool. The free version allows searching of the Web, newsgroups, or email addresses while the Plus or Pro versions can search numerous other, more specific information sources (e.g., newspapers and humor). Copernic assimilates the results of a number of relevant search engines and presents them to the user in a compact format. These...
Copernic Agent 6.0 Basic

New applications for searching the Web are released daily, but Copernic Agent 6.0 is one of the more user-friendly and powerful ones available. Copernic Agent 6.0 Basic is a free Web-search engine that has the capability to query over 90 search engines grouped into categories. The application is also completely customizable, and users can keep histories for their search queries and sort the...

Don't be fooled by the frivolous attitude conveyed by Dogpile. Originally provided by Aron Flin and Unusual Solutions, Dogpile is a meta-search utility that will query up to 23 Web, Usenet, and FTP search indexes with one command. Boolean AND/NEAR/NOT and phrase searching is supported. Results are retrieved from three search engines at a time. The user controls which Internet protocols are...

Most search engines suffer from "search leakage." In other words, when you search and then click a link, the search terms that you entered are shared with that site, along with your IP Address and other identifying information. The DuckDuckGo search engine, by contrast, redirects your request so that sites do not have access to your search terms. In addition, DuckDuckGo does not save IP address,...
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