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Nuclear warfare

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Atomic Testing Museum

Located on the campus of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), the Atomic Testing Museum is an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution. The Museum brings together many aspects of atomic culture through interactive presentations, a short film, and a wide-ranging collection of ephemera from the Cold War period and before. First-time visitors can click on the "Enter The Museum" tab, and they...
Nuclear Deterrence in the 21st Century

Therese Delpech was known for her work on international relations and her service at the French Atomic Energy Commission and as an adviser to the International Committee of the Red Cross. She passed away in January 2012, and the RAND Corporation recently published her last work, which is available on this site. This 196-page work calls for "a renewed intellectual effort to address the relevance of...
Toward True Security: A US Nuclear Posture for the Next Decade

Recently released by the Federation of American Scientists, Natural Resources Defense Council, and Union of Concerned Scientists, this report proposes a new nuclear weapons policy for the United States. The authors argue that the current force structure and doctrine are obsolete and actually endanger, rather than increase, America's security and that of the rest of the world. The report analyzes...