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Human remains (Archaeology)

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Becoming Human: Paleoanthropology, Evolution, and Human Origins

A project involving Arizona State University's Institute for Human Origins (founded and directed by Donald C. Johanson, best-known for his discovery of "Lucy"), documentary filmmaker Lenora C. Johanson, and Terra Incognita, this site is designed to teach a general audience about human evolution and the search for early hominid life in the field. The key feature of the site is an extensive (and...
Fossil Hominids: The Evidence for Human Evolution

This Web site from Talk.Origins, a "Usenet newsgroup devoted to the discussion and debate of biological and physical origins," aims to "provide an overview of the study of human evolution, and of the currently accepted fossil evidence." Recognized for excellence by a number of science and education organizations, this site has been updated to include new material concerning Homo habilus and two...
Human Origins Program: In Search of What Makes Us Human

The Human Origins Program at the Smithsonian "is dedicated to understanding the biological and cultural foundations of human life." Their new site gives visitors an accessible and informative tour of the current state of human paleontology. At the heart of the site is a hypertext family tree of early human phylogeny that helps users see not only the relations between various incarnations of human...
NOVA: The Perfect Corpse

Most have heard of "bog bodies", those well-preserved corpses found in the bogs of northwestern Europe, but few are aware that North America has peat bogs with their own well-preserved remains of ancient people. This website is designed to complement the NOVA program and provides articles, slideshows and interactive exercises. Visitors to the site should start with the article "America's Bog...
Scientist: Oldest American Skull Found

A CNN news article relating the delayed discovery of what may be the oldest human skull ever found in the Americas. Because the remains of Pe'on Woman III - who lived around 13,000 years ago - were found in Mexico and not the US, researcher will be able to study the DNA and structure of the skull without the objection of Native American groups, who have the right to claim and rebury ancestral...