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BumblebeeID: Guide to British Bumble Bees

This Guide to British Bumble Bees is presented by the Natural History Museum in London. For beginners, the site offers the Quick Guide to the Big Six Species which "are widespread and abundant throughout most of lowland Britain." The Quick Guide is also available in a downloadable Wallet Card format for easy reference. The site contains concise, descriptive information about all British bumble bee...
International Bee Research Association

This website presents the International Bee Research Association (IBRA), a not-for-profit organization founded in 1949 working to provide researchers and beekeepers with information in the topic areas of bee species, pollination, diseases and pests, nectar and pollen sources, and more. The IBRA website provides information about the organization, about conferences and other events, and about the...
List of World Bumblebees

Provided by the London Museum of Natural History, this site indexes the bumblebees (genus Bombus) of the world. The list is searchable by biogeographic region or species name. The introduction page features a clickable map showing bumblebee densities of the world, a scatterplot showing the relationship between date of first description, taxonomic synonymies and range size (to demonstrate possible...
The Birkey Group:, a great resource for both amateur and professional apiarists, was created by Barry Birkey, a Web designer, remodeling business owner, and beekeeper. A stand-out website feature is the Plans section, which contains downloadable plans (with images) for a variety of beehives, honey extractors, pollen traps, an Apidictor, and more. The site contains many relevant news stories, and...