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New York (N.Y.) -- History

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City Lore

Based in New York, the City Lore organization is a nonprofit organization devoted to promoting the cultural heritage of the city through a variety of programs and events. Two online exhibits dealing with the Puerto Rican Day parade and the making of lace highlight some of their more recent work. A resources link on the site leads to several helpful articles that highlight the study of urban...
City Sites: Mulitmedia Essays on New York and Chicago 1870s-1930s

Published online by the 3Cities research project (see the December 8, 2000 Scout Report) hosted at the Universities of Birmingham and Nottingham in the UK, this electronic text offers excellent multimedia essays on American urbanism as represented by Chicago and New York from the 1870s to the 1930s. Music, photographs, illustrations, and text are used to explore the emergent urban life of these...
Dot City: Dorothy Parker's New York

Dedicated to that bon vivant of the New York 1920s literary set, the Dorothy Parker's New York is sponsored by the Dorothy Parker Society of New York. The site is essentially a visual history of Ms. Parkers life in New York during the period and her time as a member of the legendary Algonquin Round Table. Visitors are taken to her different homes, literary hangouts (where she hobnobbed with fellow...
Forgotten NY

Like many urban areas throughout the world, New York has experienced numerous transformations during its storied past, with certain elements of the built environment existing as mere palimpsests amidst more modern surroundings. Kevin Walsh, a lifelong New Yorker, has fashioned this fun and informative tribute to the various elements of the city's compelling past. The sections featured on the site...
Joint Session of Congress Meets in New York City

In a historic and reflective gesture, a special session of Congress met today in New York City in memory of the September 11th attacks. This occasion marks only the third time in the modern era that Congress has met outside of Washington DC. During the War of 1812, Congress convened in a long-demolished building several blocks away from the Capitol and, in 1987, when Congress returned to...
Lower East Side Tenement Museum

The majority of National Trust Park properties commemorate the lives of famous politicians and other well-known Americans, but the Lower East Side Tenement Museum commemorates the everyday (and in some cases extraordinary) lives of some of the 7,000 immigrants who lived at 97 Orchard Street from 1863 to 1935. At the site, visitors can take virtual tours of immigrant family apartments, including...
Lunch Hour NYC

Opening with a lovely quote from George Foster in 1849, the New York Public Library serves up a digital collection on lunching in New York City where "every thing is done differently… but in eating the difference is more striking than in any other branch of human economy." This offering complements an in situ exhibit that was held at the library from June 2012 to February 2013. First-time visitors...
MCNY Blog: New York Stories

The Museum of the City of New York's collections include nearly one million objects and run the gamut from prints to photographs to drawings to manuscripts. Since June of 2011, the catalogers who have worked to bring this richness to the Internet have been composing a blog as they digitize their collections. Recent entries have included the excavation of a cold storage shed on the Tweed Courthouse...
The Bowery Boys: New York City History

Greg Young and Tom Meyers call themselves The Bowery Boys, a term used by "an infamous 19th century gang" in New York City. In their podcast series, the two explore both famous and obscure episodes from the history of the Big Apple. Launched in 2007, the Bowery Boys have explored topics including New York City's early black communities; the so-called "Ladies' Mile," Manhattan's main shopping...
The Museum of New York City: Collections Portal

The Museum of New York City (MCNY) Collections Portal represents the public face of an ambitious digitization project that the museum has been pursuing for nearly a decade. Currently, the site offers over 100,000 images of New York, past and present, organized by Highlights, Themes, Borough, Formats, and Exhibitions. The landing page alone is a dynamic representation of the Big Apple. As of this...
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