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Soil chemistry

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View Resource Natural Resources Conservation Service: Soil Education

The Natural Resources Conservation Service provides an array of materials to assist people with their understanding of soils. Through an online presentation, users can learn ten key points about soil characteristics and their importance. Teachers and students can find many fun activities including soil erosion and particle size demonstrations and soil songs. The website provides a great...
View Resource Soil pH and Fertilizers

This Web site by the Mississippi State University Extension Service discusses why fertilizers are added to soils. The Web site begins by introducing the concept of the pH of the soil and how nutrients are affected by this pH level. Students can then learn about the pH logarithmic scale and about the factors that affect soil pH. At the end of the site, users will find a clear and concise table...
View Resource University of Idaho: Pedology Laboratory

This website discusses the University of Idaho's pedology laboratory's work primarily focused on the environmental factors and processes that form soils and influence their use and management. Researchers and students can learn about the volcanic ash-influenced soils in the Pacific Northwest, the hydrology of Northern Idaho, and the ability of soils in the Palouse Basin to accommodate ground water...