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Holocaust Survivors

Originally a photography project, Holocaust Survivors has developed into a touring exhibit and a Website. Directed by John Menszer, this moving and well-constructed site is an outstanding adjunct to any class or course that discusses the Holocaust. University courses, especially larger surveys, often deal with the Shoah on a broad institutional level in an attempt to impart the sheer scale of the...
Letters to Sala: A Young Woman's Life in Nazi Labor Camps

For those who survived the Holocaust, talking about that time can be a difficult, and, sometimes, impossible endeavor. In the early 1990s, Sala Grancraz Kirschner was preparing for a major surgery, and she decided the time was right to tell her daughter about her experiences. She gave her a red cardboard box that contains a wide range of letters written in Polish, German, and Yiddish that...

Memories/Motifs explores "how American Jews came to know stories about Holocaust survivors through American Jewish philanthropic activities in the immediate postwar period." The website was created by historian Rachel Deblinger and is based on her dissertation at the University of California Los Angeles. This website centers on the stories of three individuals who survived the Holocaust: Kurt...
Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals 1933-1945

This new online exhibit from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum offers some valuable insights into the persecution of homosexuals by the National Socialist government under Adolf Hitler. The exhibit begins by recounting the story of Richard Grune, an artist who had trained at the Bauhaus school, who was identified by the Nazis in 1934 and later spent the entirety of World War II in the...
Silent Witness: the story of Lola Rein and her dress

This small and powerful exhibition from the US Holocaust Museum tells how Lola Rein escaped the Nazis by hiding for seven months, spending the days in a 4x6-foot hole dug below a barn, with three other Jews. Rein was eight years old when she went into hiding on a summer day, wearing a dress embroidered by her mother, a talented seamstress. In 2002, Rein donated the dress to the Holocaust Museum,...
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum: Flight and Rescue

As this online exhibit opens, visitors will hear a prelude played on the piano and a map of Eastern Europe and Russia unfold before their eyes. This is the beginning of the Flight and Rescue exhibit, presented by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. With the use of powerful visual materials, primary documents, interviews, and striking narration, this interactive exhibit tells the story of...