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Calculators Online Center

Hosted by the UCI Science Library, the Calculators Online Center Web site is presented by Jim Martindale. The site is an incredible collection of links to over 16,000 online calculators on nearly every subject imaginable, including science specific ones. Everything from archeology and biology to geology and meteorology is covered, each with its own brief description and direct link. Although it is...
Engineer's Edge: Solutions by Design

Engineer's Edge is a great reference for a wide variety of engineering, design, and manufacturing information. Most of the material is in the form of online calculators and equation charts, which save users time that would otherwise be spent flipping through books. Other resources such as part specifications (e.g., drill sizes, gauge charts) and material properties are also available. Interactive...
Good Calculators

Whether you are participating in a mathematics course or calculating your taxes, you need access to a good calculator. Fortunately, calculators have become increasingly available via websites and free applications. This website is dedicated to providing a reliable collection of freely available calculators "for domestic and commercial use." The majority of these calculators have been developed by...
Martindale Calculators

Martindale Calculators is a Web-based tool collection that contains over 19,000 online calculators created by over "3,450" very "creative" individuals, businesses and “tax supported entities world wide.” The collection is organized by the following topics: mathematics; statistics; science A-Z; chemistry; physics, astrophysics and astronomy; engineering A-Z; and electrical engineering, computer...

For mathematics teachers and students, Meta-Calculator is a free, online graphing, matrix, scientific, and statistics calculator. All four calculators are easy to use with either a cursor or a computer keyboard. The user-friendly design of all four calculators makes them a bit easier to use than traditional calculators, as they allow users to quickly toggle between different tools with just a...
The Calculator Reference

If you remember the days when calculators were as big as today's laptops, then you'll definitely feel nostalgic when you visit the Calculator Reference. Operated by an avid collector of vintage calculators, the site covers Texas Instruments and Hewlett-Packard brands, as well as the pioneering Curta. Several other models are included in the Desktop Calculators section. Even some interesting trivia...
Vintage Calculators Web Museum

This "web museum" devoted to vintage calculators shows "the evolution from mechanical calculator to hand held electronic calculator." Some items featured include: Mechanical and early electronic desk calculators, "strange hand-held calculators," and articles, photographs, and databases from the archives of the International Association of Calculator Collectors. A history of the technology and...