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Buried Treasure Unveiled: The "Lost City" of Heracleion

Yesterday, an underwater archaeology team working in Egypt's Bay of Aboukir unveiled its latest findings in a press conference. The team, led by Franck Goddio, in collaboration with the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities, has been excavating the site for the past year, and the artifacts they shared with the world yesterday seem to confirm that the buried city is, in fact, the ancient Egyptian...
Queen Anne's Revenge: Investigating, Interpreting & Preserving The Remains of Blackbeard's Flagship

Back in 1996, Phil Masters and some of his archaeologically minded colleagues were conducting surveys for the remains of the pirate Blackbeard's famed ships, the Queen Anne's Revenge and Adventure. As it turns out, they found these ships, and after a period of intense secrecy, they announced their find to the world. Since that time, a team of researchers has been working to understand and...
Researchers Find Japanese Submarine at Pearl Harbor

Earlier this week, researchers from the University of Hawaii and the Hawaii Underwater Research Lab located the remains of a Japanese midget submarine. Found in 1200 feet of water, the submarine was sunk by the USS Ward just an hour before the aerial attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Most important, the discovery of the midget submarine offers concrete physical evidence that the United...
The Fig and the Spade: Countering the Deceptions of Treasure Hunters

Certain salvage groups and treasure hunting corporations have presented themselves with a certain veneer of heroism and righteousness that seems a bit unseemly and at times duplicitous to certain persons. This is the subject of the very well written piece offered by Professor Jerome Lynn Hall, who teaches anthropology at the University of San Diego and was a past president of the Institute of...
The Museum of Underwater Archaeology

One of the goals of the University of Rhode Island's Museum of Underwater Archaeology (MUA) is to help "underwater archaeologists present their research to the general public by creating web based museum style exhibits as well as announce their latest projects." Exploring the website "by map" allows visitors to see the locations of projects. Visitors can then click on an anchor, which will give...