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A G7 Plan for Financial Reform

This week's In the News chronicles October 1998 Group of Seven (G7) action to remedy world financial crises. The ten resources discussed offer news, opinion, and policy responses from major world financial institutions. Following international criticism of IMF and World Bank measures to aid economies in crisis (described in the October 8, 1998 Scout Report for Business & Economics), the G7, or...
Bank for International Settlements

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS), a creation of the Hague Conference of 1930, is "a[n international] central banking institution" whose aim is "to promote the co-operation of central banks and to provide additional facilities for international financial operations." Its web site provides a detailed profile of BIS, along with its basic texts and charters. However, the power of the site...
Currency Boards

This week's In The News looks at the proposed adoption of a currency board by Indonesia. The eight resources discussed explain what a currency board is and enumerate the benefits and costs of adopting a currency board. President Suharto of Indonesia proposed creating a currency board in Indonesia to help solve the current financial crisis that is plaguing the country. However, the International...
Estimating and Interpreting Probability Density Functions

This 294-page document from the Bank for International Settlements stems from the Estimating and Interpreting Probability Density Functions workshop held on June 14, 1999. The conference proceedings, which may be downloaded as a complete document or by chapter, are divided into two sections: "Estimation Techniques" and "Applications and Economic Interpretation." Both contain papers presented at...
Ford Foundation: Library

Every year, the Ford Foundation produces reams of working papers, policy documents, and research briefs. This section of the website provides users with access to annual reports, a multimedia area, regional brochures, and studies. Visitors interested in the operations and priorities of the Ford Foundation should definitely peruse its annual report, as it contains information about groups the...
G8 Summit Opens Amidst Tear Gas And Petrol Bombs

In what is now becoming a familiar scene at international economic meetings, police and anti-globalization protesters clashed violently in Genoa, Italy, as leaders of the world's seven richest countries and Russia met to discuss the threat of a world recession, liberalizing trade, and global warming. The violence began just outside the "red zone" established by security forces to keep protestors...
Global Economic Prospects and the Developing Countries 1998/99: Beyond Financial Crisis

On December 2 the World Bank released a new 200 page annual report on the global economy which contained thinly veiled criticism of the International Monetary Fund and US Treasury's handling of the Asian financial crisis. The crucial mistake, the report maintains, was their decision to push Asian nations into easing their interest rates, which set off the almost-worldwide recession. While it warns...
Global Economic Prospects and the Developing Countries 2000

This annual publication from the World Bank predicts growth patterns in developing countries. It reports that "recovery from the financial crisis is 'fragile and uneven,' with some regions recovering much faster than others." According to this year's report, growth in Asia will be strong through 2000, as the countries slowly pull themselves out of recession. The average per capita income of Third...
Global Financial Crisis?

This week's In the News examines mounting concern for economic well-being around the world. The ten resources discussed provide background information on the global economy, current international market news, and developments in US, IMF, and World Bank reform efforts. In order to curb economic crises in Asia, Russia, and Latin America (reviewed in the September 24, 1998 Scout Report for Business ...
GlobalEDGE: International Business Resource Desk

Hosted by Michigan State University, this page of the GlobalEDGE Web site provides detailed insights into the history, culture, government, and economy of nearly 200 countries around the world. An impressive database of statistics summarizes everything from geographical characteristics to technological development. Visitors can access the Market Potential Indicators study, which is published...
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