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ISVR: Institute of Sound and Vibration Research at the University of Southampton

At this website, the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research (ISVR) at the University of Southampton features its research and educational opportunities dealing with noise and vibrations. Users can find materials about virtual acoustics, aeroacoustics, high frequency vibrations, and many other ISVR projects. Researchers can learn about ISVR's vacancies and about upcoming conferences such as the...
Let's Learn About Waveforms

What are waveforms, and how can we interpret them? Is "amplitude" the same thing as "loudness"? What are harmonics, and how do they influence sound? Software developer Josh Comeau has created this helpful and highly engaging interactive tutorial about audio waveforms for The Pudding. As visitors explore this tutorial, they are presented with a number of graphs (many of them interactive) that...
Music Acoustics

The Music Acoustics Web site is maintained by the University of New South Wales School of Physics. General topics covered include what a decibel is, what interference beats are, what a sound spectrum is, what acoustic impedance is, and others. Specific instrument questions are also answered, such as waves in strings, flute and clarinet acoustics, Helmholz resonance, and pipes and harmonics. This...

The science of sound is relevant to the music we hear and produce, the ways ships communicate underwater, and much more. The interactive aspect of the World Wide Web provides a fun platform for learning about sound. The websites covered in this Topic in Depth provide an overview of the science of sound, the applications of acoustics, and fun ways to learn about all of it. The Canada Science and...
The Physics of Sound

This Topic in Depth focuses on the physics of sound waves and its applications in other science realms. The first four educational Web sites concentrate on sound wave properties and musical instruments. Dan Russell, a professor of Applied Physics at Ketting University, created the first site (1) to provide students animated images of sounds and vibrations produced by instruments such as...
Wake Forest University Physics Demonstration Videos

Physics is plenty exciting on its own, but this clutch of physics demonstration videos offered up by Wake Forest University's Physics departments will probably have students running out to learn more about string theory and cosmology. Teachers will definitely appreciate this resource, as they can use these videos in the classroom or just recommend to their students. Visitors can view the videos in...