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Plant physiology

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Plant Physiology Information Website

This extensive Plant Physiology Information Website was created by Ross E. Koning, professor of biology at Eastern Connecticut State University. Dr. Koning provides links to lecture notes, lab exercises, and other resources for a variety of his courses including Biology of Plants, Plant Physiology, Principles of Biology, and more. In addition, the site offers a diverse assortment of other...
Plants and Pipettes Podcast

Since its feature in the 09-27-2019 Scout Report, Plants and Pipettes continues to release weekly episodes on everything from "intersectional feminism in academia," (see the July 31, 2020 episode) to "self-drilling seeds," (see the July 17, 2020 episode). Readers curious about the world of scientific research, particularly molecular plant biology, may want to check out Plants and Pipettes. First...
Plants in Motion

Roger P. Hangarter of Indiana University's Department of Biology has created this wonderful collection of time-lapse photography that allows us "to see the movements of plants and clearly demonstrates that plants are living and capable of some extraordinary things." The videos available show a broad range of plant growth phenomena, including germination, circadian responses, phototropism, and much...
Science NetLinks: Eavesdropping Plants

Science NetLinks offers online learning resources for the educational radio program Science Update. This Web site contains an audio file and a transcript of a recent Science Update program called Eavesdropping Plants. The program describes research on how plants communicate with one another chemically. Discussion questions follow, helping K-12 students explore the material and think about the...