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Molecular structure -- Databases


View Resource Complex Carbohydrate Research Center Spectral Databases

Dr. William York of the Complex Carbohydrate Research Center has created these two databases with scientific input from others at the University of Georgia. The Xyloglucan NMR Database consists of a searchable table of the ?H-NMR chemical shifts of xyloglucan oligoglycosyl alditols. Xyloglucans are highly branched polymers with a cellulosic backbone (i.e., consisting of b-(1,4)-linked D-glucosyl...
View Resource The Molecular Modelling Database (MMDB)

NCBI, the National Center for Biotechnology Information, provides this seachable database, consisting of "experimentally determined three-dimensional biomolecular structures" of macromolecules obtained from the Brookhaven Protein DataBank (PDB). The PDB currently contains more than 7600 proteins, 600 nucleic acids, and 12 carbohydrates, and adds new entries weekly. Designed "to facilitate...
View Resource The Peptaibol Database

This online database from the Crystallography Department at Birkbeck College, London "deals primarily with naturally occurring peptides, generally these have a fungal origin." The search function is easy to use; data can be queried by name, family, or residue motif. Another useful feature is the Peptaibol Picture Gallery, which includes images of several peptaibols.