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UNIX (Computer file)


View Resource Linux Documentation Project

The Linux guru (or guru wanna-be) should bookmark this site. Linux is UNIX freeware available for Intel's x86, Motorola's 680x0, DECS's Alpha CPU and Sun's sun4c and sun4m machines, and is currently being ported to the PowerPC architecture. This meta-site contains documentation in many different languages, links to a great number of applications and utilities that run on Linux, user groups...
View Resource Linux/UNIX Tutorial Site

Anyone who needs to become familiar with a UNIX-based operating system will find this Web site very valuable. Through a series of ten key lessons, the user will learn the basics of logging in and browsing the directory structure as well as more advanced concepts such as networking utilities and system administration. Following step-by-step procedures, users can practice fundamental operations...
View Resource Mac06: The POSIX compatible OS for MacOS

Mac06 (pronounced "Mac oh six") is a POSIX-compatible environment (library and a system kernel) for the MacOS. Its features include a UNIX-like file system using HFS with full Finder integration; POSIX libc.a and #include headers; a curses library; a POSIX shell; many basic UNIX commands, such as cd, cat, find, fgrep, etc.; a software development environment; and sockets for TCP/IP. Mac06 is a...
View Resource The Lemur Toolkit for Language Modeling and Information Retrieval

Sponsored by the Advanced Research and Development Activity in Information Technology (ARDA) under its Statistical Language Modeling for Information Retrieval Research Program, the Lemur Project has recently announced the availability of the Lemur Toolkit for Language Modeling and Information Retrieval, version 1.0. The Lemur Toolkit is designed to help carry out research in areas such as ad hoc...