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Biogeoinformatics of Hexacorallia

Hosted by the Kansas Geological Survey, this Web site contains a suite of databases and related tools for geospatial, taxonomic, and environmental data on hexacorals and related cnidarians. Created as part of the Census of Marine Life through the National Oceanographic Partnership Program, this incredibly comprehensive Web site is "a public information resource of data, interpretation, and methods...

Headquartered in Peterborough, England, the nonprofit Buglife describes itself as "the only organisation in Europe devoted to the conservation of all invertebrates [...], everything from bees to beetles, worms to woodlice and jumping spiders to jellyfish." Readers curious to learn more about invertebrates should begin by exploring the About Bugs section, where they will find an approachable...
interviews with invertebrates

The webcomic interviews with invertebrates is the brainchild of Sasha Seroy, a doctoral student studying the effects of environmental changes on predator-prey interactions in marine invertebrates at the University of Washington's School of Oceanography. Here, readers will find fifty (as of this writing) entertaining and educational comics primarily featuring marine invertebrates, such as pyrosomes...