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Meat industry and trade


Chicago hot-dog stand controversy continues as activists get involved in the debate

Burger Billionaires and Felony Franks Prison Puns Annoy Neighbors of Felony Franks Vienna Beef: History of the Chicago Hot Dog National Hot Dog & Sausage Council [Quick...
France Continues to Have Beef with British Food Safety

This week's In the News looks at France's hesitancy to lift the European Union's ban on import of British beef. The ban was first set in place in March 1996 after an outbreak of bovine spongiform encephalophy (BSE), or Mad Cow Disease, in Britain. Although the EU lifted the ban in August, France refuses to allow imported beef from the UK, siting continuing fears of an outbreak of BSE. Throughout...
Putting Meat On The Table: Industrial Farm Animal Production in America

Most people have probably heard about the recent troubles with mad cow disease, but they might not know much about the broader changes that have occurred with meat production over the past fifty years. This compelling 124-page report, released in April 2008, takes a close look into the nature of industrial meat production in America. The report was funded by a grant from The Pew Charitable Trusts...