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Dr. Pribut's Running Injuries Page

Dr. Pribut's Running and Sports Injuries: A Web Hypertext presents a variety of lower extremity running injuries and both self treatment and office treatment. Also running physiology and how to stay out of the doctor's office. Links to other sports areas are also available.
PE Central

According the website, PE Central is "the most widely used Web site for health and physical education teachers, parents, and students." With over 2,000 physical education and health lesson plans and a slew of other resources, the site has much to offer health and PE teachers, as well as parents, guardians, and others concerned with the health of children. After scouting the lesson plans, readers...
Sportscience Forum

SPORTSCIENCE is an open, moderated-no-edit list primarily for researchers interested in the science of sport and exercise performance. Topics include ergogenic aids, field and physiological tests, nutrition, diet and supplementation, performance enhancement, sport in extreme environments, training, and topics from other disciplines if related to physical performance. Notices about conferences,...
Through online videos and a dedicated following of practitioners, interest in parkour grows in the United States

The Art of Parkour: Capturing Extreme Jump Shots The Sporting Scene: No Obstacles American Parkour Howstuffworks: "How Parkour Works" UCLA Ergonomics:...