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Carnivorous plants.


Carnivorous Plants

The animal kingdom may have its egg-laying platypus, but the plant kingdom is not without its own odd twists on taxonomy. If movies like Little Shop of Horrors are any indication, carnivorous plants like the Venus flytrap, sundew, and pitcher plant never fail to spark the imagination. The following set of Web sites presents a brief introduction to carnivorous plants and includes loads of great...
International Carnivorous Plant Society: Carnivorous Plant Database

Hosted by the International Carnivorous Plant Society, the Carnivorous Plant Database contains a core taxonomic portion that "was compiled by Jan Schlauer and includes over 3000 entries giving an exhaustive nomenclatural synopsis of all Carnivorous Plants." The Database also contains an extensive collection of images that were contributed by many carnivorous plant enthusiasts. The website provides...
Plants in Motion

Roger P. Hangarter of Indiana University's Department of Biology has created this wonderful collection of time-lapse photography that allows us "to see the movements of plants and clearly demonstrates that plants are living and capable of some extraordinary things." The videos available show a broad range of plant growth phenomena, including germination, circadian responses, phototropism, and much...
The Carnivorous Plant FAQ

Provided by Barry Meyers-Rice, carnivorous plant enthusiast and team member of The Nature Conservancy's Wildland Weeds Management & Research Program, this site offers answers to many questions about carnivorous plants. Although the majority of content targets the (deservedly) gee-whiz aspects of these plants that "attract, capture, kill, and digest animal life forms," several sections will be of...