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Bryology at the Missouri Botanical Garden: Moss Home Page

Recognized as one of the leading centers for study and training in bryology, the Missouri Botanical Garden (originally reviewed in the August 19, 1994 Scout Report) offers a large selection of resources for the study of mosses. These include the Index of Mosses searchable database; a searchable bibliographic database of Bryological literature; a Bryological glossary; Moss Checklists of Thailand,...
Missouri Botanical Garden- Bryological Glossary

The original Bryological Glossary--or Glossarium Polyglottum Bryologiae--was published in 1990 in the Missouri Botanical Garden's _Monographs in Systematic Botany, Vol. 33_. The multilingual Glossary was created so that bryologists and others could avoid misinterpretations of literature, and general confusion resulting from a lack of standardized terms. This online version of the Glossary...