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Plasma (Ionized gases)

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View Resource Fusion Energy Sciences

As part of the US Department of Energy, the Office of Science contains the Fusion Energy Sciences program, whose mission is to advance plasma science and fusion science technology. The program "supports research to understand the physics of plasmas; to identify and explore innovative and cost-effective development paths to fusion energy; and as a partner in international efforts, to advance the...
View Resource Operate Your Own Tokamak Reactor!

Princeton University's Plasma Physics Laboratory's Interactive Plasma Physics Education Experience Web site (last mentioned in the July 26, 2002 NSDL Physical Sciences ) has updated its interactive Virtual Tokamak. The Java applet is designed to illustrate the basic principles of magnetically confined fusion, and users can now type in the three parameters that include the heating power, magnetic...
View Resource Perspectives on Plasma

Originally conceived and launched by consultant and Senior Research Associate Dr. Timothy E. Eastman at the Space Science Institute in Boulder, Colorado, the Perspectives on Plasma Web site represents all aspects of plasma science and technology. Visitors can explore the basics of plasma, its applications, view a photo gallery, and much more.
View Resource Perspectives on Plasmas

Dr. Timothy Eastman developed this website to address aspects of plasma science and technology for the general public and for research and education communities. In the Basics link, users can learn about plasmas and their functions in space, energy, the environment, businesses, governments, and in the home. The Applications link offers many resources about fields of plasma application and...
View Resource The Interactive Plasma Physics Education Experience

As part of Princeton University's Plasma Physics Laboratory, the Interactive Plasma Physics Education Experience Web site contains interactive plasma physics topics, ranging from electricity and magnetism to energy and fusion. Although some of the activities have difficulty running on old browsers and Macintosh computers, the interactive lessons give students a fun and engaging way to explore...