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Created by plant enthusiast Philippe Faucon, is a well-designed website with information about, and pictures of, over 3,500 plants. Plant lists are organized by scientific and common name, succulents, xeriscape plants, palm trees, herbs, and trees. The plant lists are quite extensive, and each species receives its own description page with a nice close-up photo as well as...
View Resource Mangrove Resources

Florida Plants Online provides this resource on mangroves, featuring brief annotations and links to dozens of mangrove-related pages. Although the pages described at Florida Plants Online vary in depth and quality, many are worthwhile.
View Resource Mark Olson's Home Page: Research in the Dry Tropics

Hosted by the Missouri Botanical Garden, this Web site outlines Mark Olson's PhD research. The site gives an introduction to the 13 species of the tree genus Moringa that are found in Africa and Asia. Information includes descriptions of the diverse plant group and a variety of photos, along with Olson's research. The Images of the Dry Tropics section is a much broader look at some great images of...
View Resource Raintree: Tropical Plant Database

Hosted by Raintree, the Tropical Plant Database is authored and maintained by Board Certified Naturopath, Ms. Leslie Taylor to provide accurate information about rainforest plants and to help promote rainforest conservation. Including over 300 pages of documentation on rainforest plants and very well-organized, the Tropical Plant Database lists plants by Common name, Botanical name, Ethnic uses,...
View Resource Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

Most visitors to the Smithsonian Institution's museums in Washington, DC may not be aware of the activities of their Tropical Research Institute, which may have something to do with the fact that is located in Panama. The Institute's history stretches back to the early years of the 20th century, when one of its prime directives was to survey the flora and fauna of the area for the purpose of...