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View Resource Amazon Interactive

As an extension of his graduate research, David Schaller of Educational Web Adventures has put together this resource on "indigenous ecotourism in the Ecuadorian Amazon." Using online games and activities, users explore the geography of the Ecuadorian Amazon and learn about the rainforest and its inhabitants. Through a series of questions and color photos, the site leads users down several lines...
View Resource Expedition to Peruvian Andes Confirms the Source of the Amazon

A US-led, National Geographic Society expedition says it has confirmed the location for the exact source of the Amazon River. The source lies on a 5,597 meter high peak called Nevado Mismi in the Peruvian Andes. The National Geographic team had established Mismi as the river's source in 1971, but in recent years the possibility had been raised that the actual source was at another mountain....
View Resource Large Scale Impoverishment of Amazonian Forests by Logging and Fire

In this article, Daniel Nepstad and others, who published these findings in the prestigious journal Nature (April 8, 1999), discuss the issue of "Cryptic Deforestation," in which "as much as half of forest damage in Amazonia may go undetected by satellite mapping." Consequently, more carbon dioxide may be being released into the atmosphere from the rainforest than previously calculated. The...
View Resource Lia Osrio Machado, "Financial Flows and Drug Trafficking in the Amazon Basin"

UNESCO MOST Discussion paper 22 examines drug trafficking in the Amazon basin. "From the symbiotic relationship between the organizations running the illicit drug trade and the banking and financial system, the author develops a methodology based on the role of networks in today's political economy."