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A First Course in Linear Algebra

A number of online textbooks have been created in the past several years, and this course in linear algebra is a nice addition to the existing repertoire of such educational materials. Professor Rob Beezer of the University of Puget Sound created this introductory textbook, and he still maintains the site and provides updates periodically. The material covered in the textbook includes systems of...
Elementary Linear Algebra

This online textbook, Elementary Linear Algebra, is made available by Keith Matthews of the Department of Mathematics at the University of Queensland. Sections are organized into chapters such as Linear Equations, Matrices, Subspaces, Determinants, Complex Numbers, Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors, Identifying Second Degree Equations, and Three-dimensional Geometry. Each chapter features problems with...
Elements of Abstract and Linear Algebra

Elements of Abstract and Linear Algebra is a new book written by Dr. Edwin Connell, a professor emeritus in the math department at the University of Miami. Published in December 2001, it can be obtained free of charge from this Web site. Dr. Connell even encourages printing and distributing the book as an inexpensive resource for college students. The text is divided into sections that can be...
Linear Algebra

A mathematics professor from Saint Michael's College is the author of this free online textbook about linear algebra. Being just shy of 450 pages, the book is very comprehensive and of high quality. It gives an excellent introduction into topics such as vector spaces, linear systems, and determinants, and the author is quite good at defining a consistent notation throughout the book. Each chapter...
Practical Algebra Lessons

Purple Math has about 100 lessons covering virtually every topic in standard high school and college algebra classes. The site is divided into beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels, and a separate section is included for word problems. Purple Math excels in its use of examples; for each topic there are plenty of illustrative problems with clearly defined solutions. In addition to being an...
Roldan Pozo

This is the homepage of Roldan Pozo, a "senior researcher in the Mathematical and Computational Sciences Division at the National Institute of Standards and Technology." He has developed many C++ libraries for numerical linear algebra, which can be freely downloaded via links on the site. Pozo also offers a short series of introductory lecture notes and programming examples of C++ for scientists....
The Matrix Market

The Matrix Market website, provided by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, is "a visual repository of test data for use in comparative studies of algorithms for numerical linear algebra." The repository includes about 500 sparse matrices from a variety of applications, along with matrix generation tools and services. Visitors can scan the top ten or browse the repository by...