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Salmon fishing -- North Pacific Ocean


View Resource Pacific Fisherman Journal, 1903-1911

The fisheries industry in Washington state flourished through much of the 19th and 20th centuries. In the past several decades, stocks of fish have declined, and there is much hand-wringing about what should be done about the situation. This historical collection from the University of Washington Libraries provides access to the Pacific Fisherman journal from the years 1903 to 1911. Visitors can...
View Resource Salmon

The first Web site (1) is intended as an educational resource, but is also fit for a general audience as it introduces salmon, their habitat, the need for conservation, and salmon fisheries. The next site is from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Fish FAQs (2) and has several pages of salmon FAQs, all of which can be found by using the next button. The third resource from an...
View Resource State of the Salmon

Salmon, like many other species of fish, know no political boundaries. In effect, this makes it hard for humans to craft detailed and meaningful policies for the survival and health of these important creatures. The State of the Salmon is an international consortium that is "dedicated to improving understanding of salmon status and trends across the North Pacific--and building a knowledge network...
View Resource The Fight Over Pacific Salmon

This week's In The News focuses on the recently heightened, ongoing US-Canada controversy over fishing rights. Since the expiration of the Pacific Salmon Treaty in 1994, the United States and Canada have been unable to agree on salmon catch quotas in the north Pacific. With the opening of the fishing season on July 1, 1998, newspapers reported tension at the docks and rumors of protests in British...