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Microbial Activities in Soils Under Scots Pine, Norway Spruce and Silver Birch

This resource by Outi Priha of the Finnish Forest Research Institute describes Microbial Activities in Soils Under Scots Pine, Norway Spruce, and Silver Birch, and is part of the author's academic dissertation in Environmental Microbiology. The text and tables are available for download at the site in .pdf format.
Microbial Life-Educational Resources

The Marine Biology Laboratory of Woods Hole, Massachusetts and Montana State University are the collaborators on this easily navigable website of educational resources about microbial life. The goal of the site is to provide expert information about microorganisms for K-12 classrooms, university educators, and the general public. They effectively accomplish their goal here, with a host of...
Rediscovering Biology: Molecular to Global Perspectives

Getting ahead in the field of biology is important to young scholars, and staying on top of the material is important to their teachers. The Annenberg Media group has created this thirteen part video course for educators, and recently they placed the complete set of videos online here. The programs include interviews with expert scientists, detailed animations that provide a micro-level view of...
The Oceanic Microbial Observatory

The Oceanic Microbial Observatory is a project run jointly by Dr. Craig Carlson of the University of California-Santa Barbara, and Dr. Stephen Giovannoni of Oregon State University. Centered on the Bermuda Atlantic Time-series Study site, the "goal of this microbial observatory project is to understand the cell biology and biogeochemical activities of the major bacterioplankton groups-SAR11,...