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View Resource A Design Environment for High-Throughput Low-Power Dedicated Signal Processing Systems

This paper, published in the March 2002 edition of the IEEE Journal of Solid State Circuits, looks at "a hierarchical automated design flow for low-energy direct-mapped signal processing integrated circuits." The author argues that directly implementing signal processing algorithms in hardware uses far less computational energy than software implementations, while still keeping chip area small....
View Resource Digital Logic Gate Using Quantum-Dot Cellular Automata

Scientists at the University of Notre Dame's Department of Electrical Engineering have developed "computer circuits that can be built to work without electricity -- a tiny initial charge is all that is needed." However, a major obstacle that needs to be overcome before the circuits can be useful is that they seem to work at temperatures just above absolute zero. This breakthrough was published in...
View Resource Hot Chips: A Symposium on High Performance Chips

The Hot Chips conference was held in August 2002, and the presentations from the event were recently released online. The symposium was centered on high performance processors and the technologies used to design them. Many presentations are from key industry representatives who described cutting-edge microarchitectures and implementations such as the Itanium 2, GeForce4, and more. Others are from...
View Resource The Hobby of Electronic Circuit Engineering

This website (originally created in Japanese and translated into English using translation software) by a Japanese systems engineer, Seiichi Inoue, provides an extensive overview of electronic circuit engineering. Topics covered include: Basic knowledge of Electronic parts, Basic knowledge of Engineering Instruments, an Introduction of Engineering Method, and the Assembly Process. A variety of...