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American Public Transportation Association

Founded in 1882, the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) works to "serve the public interest by providing safe, efficient and economical transit services." Their members include public bus, rapid transit, and commuter rail systems, along with various private organizations that provide support services for these systems. First-time visitors to the site may wish to look over some of...
Institute of Transportation Studies at UC-Davis

Organized in 1991, the Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS) at the University of California-Davis has become an internationally recognized center for both applied research and overall scholarship in the field of transportation, serving as a home for 50 affiliated faculty members and a number of graduate students. Here visitors can learn about the Institute, read about educational...
Intelligent Transportation Systems

Wikipedia, a free online encyclopedia, has an entry that briefly outlines the US program to develop intelligent transportation systems (1). A fairly comprehensive list of ITS technologies and applications are also included. An analysis of specific ITS implementations, published in May 2003, gives a much more thorough explanation of how ITS impacts surface transportation (2). The benefits of such...
London's Transport Museum

Located in colorful Covent Garden, the London Transport Museum is one of the world's best known facilities dedicated to exploring the many nooks and crannies of this capital city's transport heritage. Fortunately for those who can't make it across the pond to Britain, the museum's website affords online visitors a small glimpse into the many items of interest featured in its exhibits and archives....
National Transportation Library

Established in 1998 through the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century, the mission of the National Transportation Library is "to increase timely access to the information that supports transportation policy, research, operations, and technology transfer activities." Maintained by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, this site will be of great interest to anyone looking for any number...

The New York Subway Channel Tunnel Rail Link The Subway Page Civil Engineering: The Big Dig Lost Subways Federal Transit Administration: Rail Technology and Systems...
The National Transport Museum of Ireland

Located in Dublin, the National Transport Museum of Ireland had its humble beginnings with an attempt to preserve three Dublin trams back in 1949. Currently, the Museum holds approximately 100 vehicles, a number of which are profiled on this website. Moving through the collection section of the site, visitors can browse through examples of the museum's holdings organized by type, such as...
Transportation Engineering: Online Lab Manual

The University of Idaho hosts this outstanding collection of educational materials and laboratories related to transportation engineering. The topics introduced on the site are intended to supplement a junior-level course on the subject and are commonly viewed as "the most important ones that civil engineering graduates need to understand." Each chapter of the lab manual contains detailed theory...
Transportation Research Circular: Future Aviation Activities

The 12th International Workshop on Future Aviation Activities was held in September 2002, and this collection of presentation transcripts was released the following January. Many references to the September 11 terrorist attacks are made, especially concerning airport security measures and changes in the public's views of flying. Speakers also addressed long-term trends in air transportation, such...