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Cyanosite: CyBib v5 Cyanobacteria Bibliography

Part of Cyanosite (last reported on in the NSDL Scout Report for the Life Sciences, May 17, 2002), CyBib v5 is the seventh generation of "a bibliographic database exclusively for scientific literature about cyanobacteria (blue-green algae)." The database was developed by Dr. Mark A. Schneegurt of Wichita State University -- with the help of many contributors -- to provide researchers and students...
Eutrophication and Algal Blooms

Eutrophication is occurring in waters around the world and can have serious effects on marine life and humans. Excess nutrients cause the algae to "bloom," which affects aquatic life by depleting oxygen; some algae species also emit neurotoxins that impact marine species directly. The first is an article from New Scientist about the recent occurrence of thousands of dead fish on Kenyan shores....
Introduction to the Green Algae

This interesting site on "Green Algae" (a paraphyletic group excluding Plantae) is maintained by the University of California's Museum of Paleontology, and is a central resource for algal information with links to associated resources. Four sections make up the heart of the site: Fossil Record, Life History & Ecology, Systematics, and More on Morphology. Additionally, this well-designed site...
Journal of Phycology

Five journals with free (or recently extended) online trial periods were recently announced; online content includes full text, figures, and tables. Published by the Phycological Society of America, the Journal of Phycology is freely available until May 15, 2001; online, full-text content begins with the December 2000 issue "and will expand with each month's new issues"; abstracts are online since...
NOVA: Deep Sea Invasion

This is the companion Web site to "Deep Sea Invasion," a PBS NOVA documentary broadcast April 1, 2003. The program follows marine biologist Alexandre Meinesz and his scientific detective work to explain the rampant spread of the tropical alga Caulerpa taxifolia through the Mediterranean and his struggle to instigate control efforts. The features of this Web site include a timeline chronicling the...
Phycological Society of America

Represented by 2,000 members world-wide, the Phycological Society of America (PSA) is a scientific organization dedicated to algae research and education. The PSA website contains information about Society meetings, membership, related conferences, and the _Journal of Phycology_. The site also posts information about graduate research opportunities and assistantships as well as a limited number of...
Protist Image Data (PID)

The Protist Image Data (PID) Website provides up-to-date images and online information on the morphology, taxonomy, and phylogenetic relationships of "selected protist genera, especially those genera whose species are frequently used as experimental organisms or are important in studies of organismal evolution." Spearheaded by researchers Charles O'Kelly and Tim Littlejohn and maintained at the...
University of Texas-Austin: The Culture Collection of Algae

Housed at the University of Texas-Austin, The Culture Collection of Algae "includes over 2,300 different strains of living algae, representing most major algal taxa. The primary function of UTEX is to provide algal cultures at modest cost to a user community." The cultures are generally utilized for teaching, research, and biotechnology development. Site visitors will find an online catalogue of...