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An Atlas of Cyberspaces

"CyberGeography is the study of the spatial nature of computer communications networks, particularly the Internet, the World-Wide Web and other electronic 'places' that exist behind our computer screens, popularly referred to as cyberspace." The Atlas of Cyberspaces highlights many efforts from around the world to visualize this type of information. Some of the features have links to download...
Apple Safari

The latest iteration of the Safari browser takes several bold steps by offering a streamlined approach to RSS feeds, along with offering new ways to look at paginated stories and galleries. Also, Safari now comes with local searches enabled from the location bar, so queries will be linked to users' history and bookmarks. This version is compatible with computers running Windows XP and newer or Mac...

Many of us may use the web to search for images, but at times this process can be rather time-consuming and frustrating. Stepping into the fray is Beholder 1.3, which allows users to search for images on any of three pre-defined websites (including Google images) The results of image searches will be returned in an interface that allows for easy browsing, including thumbnails and a large-scale...
Bookmark Converter

This windows utility enables user to convert their bookmarks from Netscape Navigator to Internet explorer and vice versa. It is small, fast, and simple to use. The latest version has been tested up to Netscape 4.6 and IE 5.0. Bookmark Converter is shareware and can be registered for $8.
Browser Central: The Latest Reviews, Tips, Downloads, and News

The tireless public servants at c|net have served up a new informational area, focusing on the ceaseless march of web browser applications. Reviews and tips are organized by browser version, and cover features, comparisons, and even opinions on the development of HTML. A constantly updated selection of browser-focused headlines from appears on the page. The browser survival guide offers...

Cliqz is a privacy-oriented fork of Mozilla Firefox. It includes its own unique anti-tracking system, an integrated ad-blocker, anti-phishing measures, and an embedded search engine. In "Tracking the Trackers", a paper published in the Proceedings of the 25th International Conference on the World Wide Web, Cliqz engineers compared their anti-tracking system with Disconnect and Ad-Block Plus,...

Diigo is much, much more than just another bookmark app. Short for "Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other stuff," this browser extension is a great way to collect, annotate, organize, and share web content. Available for Chrome, IE, and Firefox, users will need to create an account to get started. From there, Diigo may be used to bookmark a page (using the Save option), take a...
FastestFox 5.1.9

This nice add-on for the Firefox browser certainly makes web-surfing a bit more appealing and visually stimulating. FastestFox displays a sharp looking "bubble" complete with customizable search engine shortcuts when highlighting a word or phrase. FastestFox will also offer various suggestions when users are typing and it can also be used to download various links and Flash video content. This...
iCab Internet Browser

iCab is a Mac-only Web browser loaded with features that offer a viable alternative to Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. While the iCab 1.8 free preview is fully functional, the browser does not yet support JavaScript or Cascading Style Sheets (this support is anticipated in the "iCab Pro" release which will sell for $29). iCab's strength is its integration with and support of...
Internet Guide

The Internet Guide is a no-nonsense site intended for Internet newbies. It consists of several short articles that discuss the basics of Internet navigation, common terms and phrases, Netiquette, and much more. Some specific technologies are also mentioned, such as Telnet and newsgroups. The Guide occasionally refers to various products or services; however, it does not endorse any particular...
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