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50 Years of DNA

As 2003 marks the completion of the human genome sequence and the 50th anniversary of the discovery of the DNA double helix, the Internet has exploded with noteworthy Web sites on the topic. The following represent just some of what the Web has to offer. The first site is the homepage of the National Human Genome Research Institute (1) -- a good place to start even if the content and presentation...
A Nano-Robotic "Arm" Prototype Is Built From Synthetic DNA

The week's In The News addresses a recent advancement in the scientific field of molecular nanotechnology. The scientists, Nadrian Seeman and colleagues, at New York University (NYU), have built a nano-robotic prototype from synthetic DNA. This recent major accomplishment was also reported in Nature, (Nature 397: 144-146, Jan. 14, 1999). This controllable molecular mechanical device has "two rigid...
DNA Barcoding 101

With a budget of 150 million dollars a year and a history dating back to 1890, Cold Spring Harbor (CSH) Laboratory is one of the nation's most respected private, non-profit research institutions. Now, the Lab has given the world an excellent educational website on the topic of DNA Barcoding, a method that allows experts and non-experts alike to objectively identify species based on their unique...
Long-lost relations of Genghis Khan sought by London restaurant

The Legacy of Genghis Khan [Macromedia Flash Reader] Modern Mongolia: Reclaiming Genghis Khan Official Website of the Government Organizations of Mongolia Oxford Ancestors Shish DNA testing has...
Missouri Botanical Garden-Applied Research: DNA Banking

This website describes DNA Banking at the Missouri Botanical Garden. The site provides brief sections covering background, goals, and organization of the collection. A link is provided to the Applied Research DNA Specimen Database which "is organized alphabetically by plant family, genus, and species and individual taxa can be selected to display information on samples in the collection." This...
National Science Foundation: Tour of the Cell

A cell happens to be the smallest unit of life, but there's a tremendous amount of activity going on within this very fascinating place. The talented people at the National Science Foundation (NSF) are well aware of this fact, and they have created this illuminating and interactive visual feature to help people learn about the cell's different components. On the homepage, visitors are presented...
Oregon State University: Linus Pauling and the Race for DNA

Housed in the archives of Special Collections at Oregon State University's Valley Library, this website narrates the "details of the pursuit of the discovery of the double helix structure of DNA." The story is told through the use of old photographs, video excerpts, audio clips, and more than 800 scanned documents. Linus Pauling (renowned chemist and winner of two Noble Prizes) is the central...
Your Genome

This Web siteby the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute provides information about genome science for various levels of awareness. Although the advanced section is not yet complete, the beginner and intermediate touch on genes, DNA, RNA, and the Human Genome Project. If your curiosity is not satisfied by the Web site, there is a form for submitting questions directly to the Sanger Institute. Two nice...