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Canto do Brazil

Getting to Brazil is getting more and more expensive, especially considering the rising prices of flights abroad. For those who have never been, or those looking for a compelling perspective on a few regions of this huge country, this site, designed by Geoffrey Hiller is worth a look. Hiller is a photographer who first visited Brazil 25 years ago, and recently returned to explore the country at...

If you're planning some time away from the computer in the near future, Fodor's site can help you make your getaway. The Trip Planner allows the user to search for recommended hotels and restaurants by location, price range, and facilities/cuisine, and to get "inside info" and "top picks" for planning activities. The restaurant and hotel index provides listings for over 40 cities and regions; each...
Georgia Revealed

OneWorld and present Georgia Revealed: Searching for the Soul of the Caucasus. The site showcases a Georgia expedition that occurred April 16-29, the first of three explorations have planned this year. Wilderness and nature photographers, journalists, and technicians collaborate here to bring users on their journey through the Caucasus Mountains...
Public, epicureans celebrate well-known dining guide

Centuries ago, the experience of “dining out” for most travelers would have been a potentially harrowing one. Faced with few options, most persons on the road would have to settle for the unpredictable fare of a local innkeeper. With the arrival of the automobile and the expansion of dining options, travelers often had more choices, but how to choose? One such traveling salesman by the name of...
Roadside Magazine Online

Road Age Media produces content for the heritage travel industry, focusing on back roads and main streets. Their fun and informative publication, By the Way Magazine, finds the "gems of the back roads" across America. Their colorful Web site offers the current issue as well as archived features and reports. The Features section on the site offers video reports of various interesting topics such as... Newsletter

The travel publisher Rough Guides has made the full-texts of a dozen of their travel guides available via the Internet and has plans for more. Guides. Rough Guides also publishes this online travel newsletter which contains excerpts from country guides as well as original articles from regular Rough Guide contributors.
The Country of Molvania Receives its Due in a New Book

In these times, it is hard to find a region around the globe that remains untouched by the heavy hand of large-scale tourism and development. No doubt many tourists have grown weary of the sunny climes of southern Spain, wandering the Scottish highlands, or traipsing along the ancient monuments that are ubiquitous throughout Greece. Well, even the most intrepid travelers will have never even heard...