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A Portrait of the Visual Arts: Meeting the Challenges Of A New Era

The world of the visual arts is, at times, a chaotic one. There are a myriad of different institutions attempting to garner the attention of experts in the field, the general public, and various philanthropic organizations. It can be a complex landscape, but this latest report from the RAND organization goes a long way to document the many challenges that the visual arts community faces. While...
Coronavirus street art in pictures

COVID-19 has consumed news cycles over the past few months, but this collection, published in The Guardian on April 6, 2020, takes a different angle on its global effect. Titled "Coronavirus street art in pictures," the collection features 23 images from cities around the world, highlighting some common themes and some unique reflections on the way COVID-19 has shaped our lives. In doing so, the...
Getty Artworks Recreated with Household Items by Creative Geniuses the World Over

No doubt many readers have seen images on Facebook of clever people in quarantine posing with common household objects to recreate well-known masterpieces from the collections of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and the Getty Museum in California. Posted on Getty's blog The Iris on March 30, 2020, this article explains the genesis of all those images. The trend began with a challenge from the...
Graffiti Archaeology

Envisioned and created by Cassidy Curtis (and a few photographer friends), this site is a "study of graffiti-covered walls as they change over time" in San Francisco. While reviled by public officials and city sanitation workers, these walls seem to come alive with a flourish, as visitors can watch these locales change over time. Currently visitors can browse through five different locations in...
The Way I See It

Art lovers and art historians may enjoy The Way I See It. This audio and video series from the Museum of Modern Art in New York features "leading creative thinkers" (writers, actors, activists, and more) discussing a piece from the Museum that speaks to them. Interviewees analyze the complex meanings and emotions that the pieces encompass, wrestling with the dichotomy of anger and joy. The series...