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Sickle cell anemia

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Oregon State University: It's in the Blood!

This website from the Valley Library at Oregon State University is subtitled: A Documentary History of Linus Pauling, Hemoglobin and Sickle Cell Anemia. The site is part of a series of Valley Library websites that focus on different aspects of chemist Linus Pauling's notable career. The site is composed of three main sections. The first section narrates "the story of Linus Pauling's research into...
Sickle Cell Disease: What is it?

Considered an African American disease, sickle cell is a recessive disorder that causes a mutation in a blood protein that changes the shape of the body's hemoglobin cells. Affecting approximately 1 out of 375 African American children, sickle cell blocks blood vessels and potentially damages the spleen, lung, and heart. In severe cases, it can cause a heart attack or stroke. A product of the...
The Sickle Cell Information Center

The Georgia N.I.H. Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center, the Sickle Cell Foundation of Georgia, and the Pediatrics and Hematology-Oncology Departments of the Emory University Medical School sponsor this site, an information-rich compendium on Sickle Cell Anemia that targets health care providers and patients alike. The highlights of the site, in the Health Care Providers section, are two full text...