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Source code (Computer science)



How does one learn how to code? It can be complicated, but Codeacademy lifts the veil on the mystery behind this important modern craft and skill. On the site, visitors can go ahead and get started by typing in their username. After this, visitors can click on the Learn area to find out more about programming for JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and jQuery. An area at the bottom of the main page links to...

The site was created by Netscape Communications Corporation in order to "provide a central point of contact and community for those interested in using or improving [Netscape] source code." Netscapce plans to make this source code freely available on March 31, 1998 (discussed in the January 23, 1998 Scout Report). The site is a work in progress at this time; it contains information...
Source Code Library

At the DevX Source Code Library and the newer Sourcebank, users can download source code, algorithms, and sample applications. The Library is culled from DevX services and magazines, and resources are grouped into browseable and searchable categories. The Sourcebank collects code and related tools from sites around the Web and also is searchable and browseable. Users can limit their browsing by...