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Musical instruments -- Catalogs and collections


A Guide to Medieval and Renaissance Instruments

Musica Antiqua, a group of musicians based at Iowa State University who recreate the music of the Renaissance and Middle Ages, have created a web page that showcases their large collection of 12th to 17th century replica instruments. At this site, users can view pictures and descriptions of the Hurdy-Gurdy, Dulcian, Rebec, Recorder, Crumhorn, and many other lesser and better known old instruments....
Ethnomusicology Musical Instrument Collection

The University of Washington Ethnomusicology Division houses over 400 musical instruments from around the world. Over the past six decades, the collection has grown substantially as musicians and collectors have donated all manner of instruments. First-time visitors should dive right in by clicking on the Idiophones section offered under Sample Searches. In case you are wondering, an idiophone...
MFA Boston: Musical Instruments

Boston's Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) is home to many fine collections, including over 1,100 instruments. Items range from shell trumpets to panpipes to grand pianos. On this page, visitors will find an overview of the MFA's extensive musical instrument collection, as well as nearly 25 options for virtual Collection Tours. For instance, selecting the Southeast Asian Instruments tour reveals many...
The Roderic C. Knight Musical Instrument Collection

Roderic C. Knight came to Oberlin College as a researcher and professor in the field of organology, or the scientific study of musical instruments. He had begun collecting a range of instruments when he was in high school, and he was rather proud of his diverse collection. In 2008, Knight donated his personal collection of instruments to Oberlin. This digital collection allows users to learn about...