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This Topic in Depth explores the Web's offering on compasses. The first site is another great site from How Stuff called How Compasses Work (1). Visitors can read the interesting text and view attractive graphics on the basics of what a compass is and how it is used. The second site, maintained by, is specifically about How to Use a Compass (2). Topics covered...
Instruments of Change

Much of the work of modern science is made possible by the development of technology, such as instruments that enable scientists to measure the levels of a particular chemical compound in the water or air. Readers curious to learn how some of these technologies came to be and how they impact society may enjoy Instruments of Change, a digital exhibit from the folks at the Science History Institute...
The Sourcebook for Teaching Science: Employing Scientific Methods

Created by Professor Norman Herr of California State University, Northridge (CSUN), The Sourcebook for Teaching Science covers biology, chemistry, physics, and geoscience. This section of his creative sourcebook provides access to online materials that deal with the scientific method. The materials here are divided into five sections, including "Observation vs. Inference," "Brainstorming and...