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Browsers (Computer programs) -- Technological innovations


Adblock Plus

As far as the staff at Scout is concerned, ads are the bitter cup of the web surfing experience. Enter Adblock Plus, a free browser extension that 300 million users have already downloaded. This handy installation blocks ads all over the web, including YouTube and Facebook. Compatible with Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

Many of us may use the web to search for images, but at times this process can be rather time-consuming and frustrating. Stepping into the fray is Beholder 1.3, which allows users to search for images on any of three pre-defined websites (including Google images) The results of image searches will be returned in an interface that allows for easy browsing, including thumbnails and a large-scale...
Colorific 4.0

The Colorific add-on for Mozilla Firefox can be used to turn a webpage into a horse of a different color. Visitors can use the add-on to invert colors, adapt brightness and apply color filters. This version of Colorific is compatible with all computers running Windows and Firefox version 17.0 and newer.
IE7Pro 2.3

Curious users who wish to add a few bells and whistles to Internet Explorer will definitely want to take a look at this application. The application allows users to "drag" and "'drop" an in-text link into white space, giving them the ability to open the link in a new tab without any additional mouse work. Visitors will also note that it's much easier to save and fill forms with this application....
LookWAYup: Translating Dictionary, Thesaurus, and Search Tool

LookWAYup is a dictionary, thesaurus, and translation search tool that allows users to look up and/or search words and phrases on its Web page or the Internet using search engines. Available in English, French, Dutch, Spanish, and Portuguese, this service is free to persons and organizations that have fewer than 25 potential users and that carry out less than an average of 1,000 lookups per day....
MicroSurfer 2.0

MicroSurfer 2.0 is Web productivity software that enables faster Internet surfing. This newly release product eliminates backtracking in your browser; allows you to view Web pages without waiting; and allows you to collect, organize, and share links up to 400% faster. The software requiries Windows 95/98/2000/NT/Me/XP, direct or dial-up Internet access, and Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 or higher....

The StartMe application gives Internet users the opportunity to create their own personal browser startpage with their favorite bookmarks and RSS feeds. The drag and drop interface is user-friendly, particularly for computer neophytes. Visitors can also incorporate extensions for popular browsers or tweak the appearance of their startpage as they see fit. This version is compatible with all...

If you have a mounting pile of things to get done, you may want to check out the TeuxDeux application. This browser-based application allows visitors to create a weekly overview, a "someday" bucket, edit existing tasks, and also sync up with their mobile phones. Visitors to the site can view an introductory video and also look at their list of recently added features. This version is compatible...
Tilt 3D 1.0.1

Have you ever wanted to see a website in 3D? Well, this is now possible with Tilt3D 1.0.1. Created by Victor Porof, the tool is "layers each node based on the nesting in the tree, creating stacks of elements, each having a corresponding depth and being textured according to the webpage rendering." It's a pretty fun little tool and it is compatible with all operating systems running Mozilla...
Voice Browser Activity

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) plays an important role in the development of the Web by creating standards and protocols for universal use and interoperability. The W3C Voice Browser working group is developing revolutionary markup languages similar to HTML that, instead of focusing on a visual interface, will cover "dialog, speech synthesis, speech recognition, call control and other aspects...