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AltaVista Babelfish Translation

The well-known AltaVista search service has teamed with SYSTRAN Software, Inc. (discussed in the January 24, 1997 Scout report) to offer this web page translation service in the language pairs of English-Spanish, English-French, English-German, English-Portugese, and English-Italian from the main Altavista page. Users can search and then simply hit the translate button, at which time the language...
Anatomy of a Scout Report: Resource Discovery in the Information Age, or How We Do It

In this article Jack Solock, Special Librarian for InterNIC Net Scout Services, discusses the techniques, tools, and steps involved in finding and describing Internet sites included in the Scout Report publications of the Internet Scout Project.
Avoiding Information Overload: Knowledge Management on the Internet

With over a billion Web pages (not to mention newsgroups and forums) on the Internet that cover virtually every topic under the sun, online searching can become quite tedious. Therefore, in order to access relevant data on the Internet within a reasonable amount of time, both Web site developers and Internet users need to be cognizant of the tools available for online knowledge management....

This nifty new search engine will comb the Web's forums and message boards more efficiently than other searchers. BoardReader was founded by engineers and students from the University of Michigan.
Copernic Agent 6.0 Basic

New applications for searching the Web are released daily, but Copernic Agent 6.0 is one of the more user-friendly and powerful ones available. Copernic Agent 6.0 Basic is a free Web-search engine that has the capability to query over 90 search engines grouped into categories. The application is also completely customizable, and users can keep histories for their search queries and sort the...
DeskPort 1.0

As most users can attest, a good deal of repetitive searching goes on as individuals move about the Internet in search of various items. DeskPort 1.0 is predicated on just these types of searches, as the application saves users time, as its forms combine the most-requested items from each category website. This process saves times, as users no longer have the scroll through multiple web pages to...

Don't be fooled by the frivolous attitude conveyed by Dogpile. Originally provided by Aron Flin and Unusual Solutions, Dogpile is a meta-search utility that will query up to 23 Web, Usenet, and FTP search indexes with one command. Boolean AND/NEAR/NOT and phrase searching is supported. Results are retrieved from three search engines at a time. The user controls which Internet protocols are...

Hot on the heels of AltaVista's Raging Search (see the May 5, 2000 Scout Report) comes another returned and (somewhat) slimmed-down search engine that focuses on relevant results. Like Raging Search, Excite's new Precision Search uses Google-style link analysis technology ("Deep Analysis") to help identify the most useful sites. Test queries produced consistently relevant results among the top few...

This new service is a partnership between LookSmart and the Gale Group, a publisher of research and reference materials for libraries, businesses, and information technologists. The site offers free access to the full-text of articles published in over 350 magazines and journals dating from 1998. Users can search the database by keyword and by one of the nine subject categories (Arts &...
Finding a Person in a Haystack: A Selective Guide to Finding an Email Address

In this article InterNIC Net Scout Services Special Librarian Jack Solock discusses the many ways to locate a person's email address using online resources. Solock also demonstrates how to acquire information on a person's email account and server if one already has their email address.
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