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View Resource LIGAND: Database of Chemical Compounds and Reactions in Biological Pathways

The Institute for Chemical Research at Kyoto University provides this frequently updated and well-documented database of enzyme reactions. With more than 9,300 entries, the LIGAND Chemical Database includes over 3,700 entries for enzymes (the Enzyme Reaction Database) and 5,600 entries for compounds (Chemical Compound Database). The database is searchable by keyword using DBGET (which supports...
View Resource Protist Information Server

The Protist Information Server is available through the Soken Taxa Web Server and Japan Science and Technology Corporation. Intended as a resource for research and education, the Protist Information Server contains over 31,000 images of protists representing 487 genera and 1617 species. Users will also find over 500 QuickTime movies, tons of related Web links, a recently added list of biodiversity...
View Resource SWISS-PROT

SWISS-PROT, provided by the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, is a "curated protein sequence database" that provides, with minimal redundancy and "a high level of integration with other databases," descriptions of "the function of a protein, its domains structure, post-translational modifications" and variants, as well as a host of other information. Access to the SWISS-PROT database is available...
View Resource The Nucleic Acid Database (NDB)

Designed by John Westbrook, and housed at Rutgers University, the goal of the NDB is to assemble and distribute structural information about nucleic acids. The database contains the coordinates of nucleic acid-containing crystal structures, including a searchable atlas of structures, Protein Finder, a search-engine for locating protein structures in the PDB database, a macromolecular...