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JetAudio Basic

Multimedia software can be a bit pricey at times, so it is with great relief that the Scout Report can report on a new version of the visually stimulating JetAudio Basic application. With its compact design, this application allows visitors to create their own Internet broadcasts, and it also can play all major file formats. For those who love audio effects, the application can also create nice...

Jumbo: the "official" shareware site of the Web. This searchable archive contains over 24,000 shareware and freeware programs. Categories include: business, home and personal, programming, utilities, and words and graphics. Within each category, programs are cataloged by operating system. The entire archive is a searchable by program category and operating system. There is a short...

Dashboards on a car are essential. Dashboards on one's computer screen aren't always essential, but they can certainly make monitoring different sets of information quite a bit easier. Essentially users of this program create a collection of "klips", which collect and display weather information, email notifications, and stocks. And in an age of user-interface customization, it is not surprising...

When working on a project for work or for school, it can be nice to have a calendar to keep one on task. When working on a group project, such a calendar, particularly a web-based one, can be invaluable. The Kronolith application will help users do just that, as it is a web-based calendar that supports shared calendars, alarms, recurring events, and a simple interface system. Kronolith was...
MozBackup 1.4.7

This tiny application allows users to back up, save, and restore bookmarks from Firefox, Thunderbird, and SeaMonkey. Visitors can also use choose which parts of the profile they want to save or restore, including various emails and address books. This version of MozBackup is compatible with computers running Windows 95 and newer.
Open 2.0

Those who are in the know about open-source office productivity suite programs may already be aware of Open 2.0, but new users will definitely enjoy the program just as much. With this office productivity suite, users will have an elegant spreadsheet application, a presentation tool, and a word processor. Some of the new features of this latest version include an enhanced word count...
OpenOffice 3.0.1

Open Office is a fine choice for those looking for an alternative to some of the other commercial word processing software packages. This latest version of OpenOffice includes several new templates for professional writers, weblog publishing, and a tool that will help users export documents for functionality with Google Docs. This particular version is compatible with all operating systems. 3.2.1

OpenOffice continues to grow and change, and this new version of the program is worth a look. The OpenOffice suite includes applications that allow users to make text documents, spreadsheets, diagrams, and databases. This latest version includes templates for professional writers, and export tool for functionality with Google Docs, and enhanced blog publishing. This version is compatible with... Portable 3.1

Packing a number of office applications can be an onerous undertaking, but this portable version of OpenOffice makes this task a bit easier. Essentially, users can use this open platform program with any storage device (such as a USB drive) to take their materials wherever they need to go. This open source office suite includes an email client, an instant messaging client, a PDF reader, and so on....
Pop Up Blocker 6.0.4

In these times, it is difficult to browse through a favorite website without being pestered by a variety of unwanted advertisements. Fortunately, a number of free applications are available to the general public such as this version of Pop Up Blocker. With this application, visitors can block advertisements that appear in such forms as Flash movies, flashing banner ads, and other such noxious...
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