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Acoo Browser 1.20

As summer begins to draw to a close, some regular Scout Report readers may be interested in taking a look at a new Web browser. One such browser of note is the Acoo Browser, which allows users to surf multiple sites within one browser window. The browser also contains a number of features, such as an ad filter, a pop-up blocker, and script error suppression. This latest version of Acoo is...
Acoo Browser 1.70.798

This latest version of Acoo Browser contains some rather nice new features, and visitors who haven't tried this Internet browser may wish to do so. The browser has dockable panel groups, along with advanced features that include a built-in calculator, easy access to RSS feeds, and integrated search engine support. This version is compatible with all computers running Windows 98 and newer and...
Active Web Reader v2.42

With the assistance of Active Web Reader v2.42, one can more effectively keep track of new RSS feeds as they are made available, and also keep track of old favorites. The program’s interface makes it quite easy to read the feeds, and it can also monitor web site changes. With the program’s auto discovery feature, users can also browse websites as they add feeds to their “favorites” list. This...
Audacity 1.2.3

From Helsinki to Helena, Montana, lovers of audio experimentation benefit from a wealth of online resources designed to let them record live audio, convert tapes and records into digital recordings, and splice or mix sounds together. One such application that allows users to do all of those tasks is Audacity 1.2.3. Their website also contains helpful hints on using the program that will definitely...
Blog Navigator 1.2

Many users may want to learn more about how to browse weblog sites more effectively, and Blog Navigator may be just the program to do the trick. The program uses RSS feeds, supports many types of sites, and also includes features for reading blogs offline. Their helpful interface makes it relatively easy to locate weblogs and peruse headlines of interest. Additionally, adding news sites and blogs...

Some visitors to the Scout Report may be concerned about how their websites (or other sites for that matter) may appear on different browsers. This application is designed to assist in that process, as it automatically captures screenshots of such pages in different browsers. As one might surmise, the goal of this application is to test the compatibility of webpages across the vast universe of Web...
Capture .NET Free 6.4.3183.23689

You might have thought it impossible to get easy access to lunar phases on your desktop, but Capture .NET makes this very possible. Capture .NET is a small desktop utility that includes a screen capture function, a clock, a file shredder, and a dozen other handy tools. The application is available in a number of different languages, and it's quite easy to use. This version is compatible with...

The road to a smoothly running computer can be paved with unused files and all types of extraneous items. This version of CCleaner can help users with such matters, as it cleans up temporary files, recycled items, log files, and other such pesky items. This version is compatible with computers running Windows 95 and newer.
Chaos Manager 2.23

As any physicist will tell you, managing chaos is difficult, if not impossible. Fortunately, this type of “chaos” refers primarily to the chaotic nature of maintaining an orderly and logical desktop calendar on one’s computer. With Chaos Manager, users can create their own organizer, which includes an Internet sync feature, a notebook, pop-up appointment reminders and so on. This particular...

Sometimes users may discover that they need access to quick information from a variety of sources while using different applications, such as Microsoft Word or Outlook Express. The CleverKeys application can allow them to do just that with its non-intrusive interface. The program will provide users with access to definitions, synonyms, and basic reference information from several trustworthy...
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